🪙Our Token

In line with the expanding features of our Telegram bot, we're excited to introduce our own cryptocurrency token. This token aims to integrate seamlessly with our trading bot, enhancing user experience and offering additional utilities within our ecosystem.

Token Details

Key Features

  • Strategy Generation Discounts: Users holding our token may receive discounts on generating additional CEX strategies (1 free per user).

  • Developer Earnings: Developers who get onboarded to Robotrade and have their scripts listed on our bot will be paid in ROBO for their value contributed to the community.

  • Exclusive Access: Token holders may get early access to new features and strategies such as premium trading strategies.

Usage within the Bot

  • Wallet Generation Fees: Use tokens to pay for strategy generation fees at a discounted rate.

  • Subscription Services: Access premium features by paying with our token.

  • Strategy Implementation: Some advanced strategies might require tokens for activation.

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