🟢/start (CEX)

Centralized Exchange (CEX) Trading Setup

Upon clicking the link above, you'll be directed to our telegram bot!

Start the Bot:

  • Open a chat with the bot on Telegram and send the /start command.

Name your strategy:

  • Choose a name for your strategy

Pick your exchange:

  • Select an Exchange: Choose your preferred centralized exchange, such as Binance or Bybit.

  • API Key Entry: Enter your public and private API keys for the chosen exchange. (only enable trades, DO NOT enable withdrawals on your exchange when generating API keys.)

Pick your coin, strategy, and timeframe:

  • Pick your favorite asset, your strategy of choice and the timeframe you want to trade on.

Pick your trade allocation:

  • Choose how much you want to allocate to trade in your account (0-100%)

Review and Confirmation

  1. Review Settings: The bot will summarize your selections for review.

  2. Confirm Settings: Send 'confirm' to save your settings or 'cancel' to restart the setup process.

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