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Our Telegram bot is designed to revolutionize the way users interact with automated/algorithmic cryptocurrency trading. It offers a blend of convenience, efficiency, and accessibility. With our bot, users can make trading decisions through backtesting and manage their automated strategies directly from Telegram, a platform they are already familiar with and use daily.

Unique Features and Functionalities

Trading Platform Selection: Allows users to choose between 22 different Centralized Exchanges to connect to their strategy (and on-chain trading in future). We now offer dYdX trading on-chain.

Backtesting Module: Allows users to backtest any strategy on any coin and timeframe that their exchange offers. View the profit and loss, entries and exits over historical data with a few clicks.

Trading Strategy Configuration: Our bot predefined and open-source trading strategies with more added weekly e.g., Guppy, MACD, RSI.

Timeframe Selection: Users can specify the timeframe for their trading strategies.

CEX and DEX API Key Management: Provides the functionality to handle API keys for centralized exchanges with user generated strategy names to handle multiple key pairs.

Paid Premium Strategies: Provides users the ability to buy our premium strategies for $ROBO tokens.

Security Measures: Includes functions and safe database management to handle API keys, ensuring safe and secure trading.

Real-time Interaction: Immediate response to user commands, providing a seamless and dynamic user experience.

Command-based Actions: Uses Telegram's command feature (/start, /backtest, /cancel, etc.) for easy access to various functionalities.

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