🔑API Key Setup Example

Setting Up an API Key on Kraken (similar for other CEXs)

Using API keys to integrate a CEX with our trading bot enhances your trading capabilities while maintaining security. Always handle API keys with care, and ensure you understand the permissions you're granting.

Step 1: Log in to Your Kraken Account

Step 2: Access API Management

  • Once logged in, find the "Security" or "API" section in your account settings. This is usually found under your account menu or in the settings area.

Step 3: Create a New API Key

  • In the API section, click on "Add Key" or "Create New Key".

  • You might need to go through additional security checks (like 2FA) to proceed.

Step 4: Configure Your API Key

  • Key Description: Enter a name for your API key. This is just for your reference.

  • Key Permissions: Select the permissions you want to grant. For trading bots, you typically need permissions like query funds, query open orders and trades, and manage orders. DO NOT ENABLE WITHDRAWLS.

  • Key Restrictions: Do not restrict IP address so our bot can access it.

Step 5: Generate the API Key

  • Once you have configured your settings, click on "Generate Key".

  • You will be presented with an API Key and Private Key. Copy these and store them securely.

Step 6: Secure Your Keys

  • Never share your API keys or private keys publicly.

  • Store them in a secure location.

Integrating the API Key with Robotrade

Step 1: Access Strategy Setup On Our Bot

  • Use the /start command on Robotrade and add a new strategy. Checkout the /start page of our documentation for help.

Step 2: Enter API Key Details

  • In the relevant fields, enter the API Key and Private Key that you generated from Kraken.

Step 4: Start Trading

  • Once the buy or sell conditions are met, trades will be placed through your API key and exchange account.

Tips for Secure API Key Management

  • Regularly monitor your API activity for any unauthorized access.

  • Consider updating or rotating your API keys periodically.

  • Ensure your computer and network are secure.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Invalid Key Error: Double-check that you copied the API Key and Private Key correctly.

  • Permission Denied: Make sure you selected the correct permissions when creating the API key.

  • Connection Issues: Verify your internet connection and if Kraken's API is operational.

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