Visit https://t.me/RobotradeAI_Bot to begin!

Upon clicking the link above, you'll be directed to our telegram bot!

Start your Solana/Jupiter journey:

Open a chat with the bot on Telegram and send the /jupiter command.

Create a wallet:

Select Create Wallet to generate a new Solana wallet. Copy this public address for later.

Fund your Solana wallet:

Now send Solana to the generated wallet, which you can view with β€œView Wallet Details” (Will show Public and Private Key).

Setup your strategy:

Type /jupiter again, and select 'Setup Trading' to build your strategy It will query your wallet's public address and show the current balance of Solana in it. Paste the SPL address of your token of choice, strategy of choice and the timeframe you want to trade on.

Pick your slippage and allocation %:

For example 0.01 = 1%, 0.1 = 10% slippage. Then set the allocation of your portfolio you want to trade, from 1-100%. type 'confirm' to save to the database.

The bot will attempt to place a buy or sell 3 times. If slippage is to low the trade wont place. Check https://solscan.io/ for your address, it will give a good overview of what the error is if trade doesnt place (ie. "Slippage Tolerance Exceeded")

Other commands:

Show Strategy: View your trade configuration.

Show Wallet Details: See your Public/Private keys.

Reset Strategy: Clear your strategy and previous trade signals so you can setup a new strategy

For a follow along demo please follow this video:


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