Robotrade Telegram Bot FAQs

What is Robotrade?

Robotrade is a technological platform currently offering a no-code interface for users to create their own automated trading strategies for CEX and DEX trading in Telegram. It places trades through a Centralized Exchange API key pair handled by our cloud servers, or through your ethereum wallet for DEXs. We remove the need to code and setup complicated cloud architecture to run your bot.

What is the future for Robotrade?

Algorithmic trading will be big this cycle. AI and crypto driven retail mania will bring in a crowd looking to automate their trading with a low technological burden to them. We will onboard them easily with a slick bot to get them started. No need to code, no need to setup cloud architecture to run scripts. Just click some buttons and deploy.

  • We will add new open source scripts nearly weekly for free users.

  • We will look to onboard talented authors to create premium scripts for users to trade with and have authors be payed in ROBO tokens.

  • We also will be enabling more on-chain DEX's in the future..

What is the Robotrade Telegram Bot and its unique features?

The Robotrade Telegram Bot allows users to interact with automated/algorithmic cryptocurrency trading easily. Key features include trading exchange selection, backtesting modules, strategy configuration, and real-time interaction. We have also launched on-chain backtesting and dYdX on-chain trading.

What features are live?

Full module for CEX trading is live. Backtesting CEX coins is live. On-chain and Solana backtesting is live. dYDx is also live.

Does Robotrade offer financial or investment advice?

No, Robotrade does not offer any form of financial, investment, legal, or tax advice. Users are advised to consult professional advisors for such matters.

Who is responsible for the trading strategies created on Robotrade?

Users are solely responsible for the strategies they create, test, and execute on Robotrade. The platform does not bear responsibility for the performance or effectiveness of these strategies. All strategies Robotrade creates and allows user to use are open-source.

What available trading strategies exist on Robotrade?

Robotrade Telegram Bot offers a variety of pre-defined and open-source trading strategies suitable for different trading styles and market conditions. Currently, we provide six popular free strategies. New strategies will be added nearly weekly.

What is the ROBO token and its key features?

ROBO is Robotrade's cryptocurrency token, built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). It offers discounts on strategy generation, payments for developers, and exclusive access to new features and premium strategies. It's used within the bot for various purposes, including paying for strategy generation fees and accessing premium features.

What are the ROBO Tokenomics?

The total supply of 250,000,000 ROBO tokens was entirely allocated to the Liquidity Pool (LP) on launch, ensuring ample market liquidity. The team holds no tokens, and never did.

Rev share, buybacks?

We will not be doing rev share or buybacks now or in future. Regulatory compliance is #1 for us so we can continue operating. The team will not discuss token price, manipulate it or engage in revenue share gimmicks. We are here to build a trading tool, not to dump tokens on you.

What taxes are applied to ROBO token transactions?

There is a 5/5 buy/sell tax on transactions involving ROBO tokens. These taxes will be used for development funding, server costs, marketing and other expenses at the discretion of the team.

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