Test some configurations before you setup your on-chain account to trade

Upon clicking the link above, you'll be directed to our telegram bot!

Start backtesting on-chain:

  • Open a chat with the bot on Telegram and send the /onchain command.

  • Choose Backtest On-Chain

Paste in your contract:

  • Paste in a contract for any pair available on https://www.defined.fi/tokens such as 0xc1c146e09640fe9e5d670288cc43c6269949d9a1 for ROBO

  • Enter a chain ID (e.g., 1 for Ethereum, 56 for BSC, etc. Check chainlist.org for chain IDs). Use 1 for ROBO.

Pick your strategy and timeframe:

  • Pick your strategy of choice and the timeframe you want to trade on.

The on-chain backtesting module will print a graph of your returns and trades taken over historical data:

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