Visit https://t.me/RobotradeAI_Bot to begin!

Upon clicking the link above, you'll be directed to our telegram bot!

Start your dYdX journey:

  • Open a chat with the bot on Telegram and send the /dydx command.

Create a wallet:

  • Select Create Wallet to generate a new dYdX wallet.

  • Copy this public address for later.

Setup your strategy:

  • Type /dydx again, and select 'Setup Trading' to build your strategy

  • It will query your wallets public address and show current balance.

  • Pick your coin, strategy of choice and the timeframe you want to trade on.

  • Pick your leverage, from 0-11x in increments of 0.1.

  • Then set the allocation of your portfolio you want to trade, from 1-100%.

  • type 'confirm' to save to the database.

Fund your dYdX account

  • Now copy and paste your private key into Metamask.

  • You can find your private key by typing /dydx, then 'Show Wallet Details'.

  • Once you import into Metamask, you can send yourself Ethereum to this address.

  • Bridge ethereum to dYdX v3 with this link. Your account will now be automatically traded by our trading systems.

For a follow along demo please follow this video:

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